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You can now outsource your GCSE mock exam marking to our trusted team.

With GCSE assignments, coursework, controlled assessments now being a footnote in educational history, you may need help with mock exam marling.

We have a team of specialist teachers and markers who will provide you as potential employers with assessed exams, a development report and a spreadsheet of raw marks for you to use to inform teaching and learning and intervention strategies.

You provide requirements such as pupil numbers, subject, exam specification and dates, and we aim to match you up with great examiners.

Here are just a few examples of our network

TomMaths Examiner
Having taught Maths for 25 years, Tom retired in 2014 and became a GCSE examiner for various exam boards. Having been head of maths, Tom knows the subject inside out.
LindaEnglish specialist
Linda, like Tom, is another safe pair of hands. She is currently Team Leader for English Language Paper 2 and has taught English for 20 years, until going part time in 2017.
Jim is another veteran marker who led Science departments in three schools in the south east before he took the plunge and early retirement at 55. He enjoys marking though.
Find out about other people in our network

You contact the GCSE Marking team and we make connections.

If you are a school, or academy or college who register with us, we contact you if we have an available marker, share with you the contact details of that person and you can make further enquiries about charges, availability and check CRB certifications directly.

If you’re a qualified teacher with enhanced CRB clearance and experience with teaching GCSE classes in that subject, as well as time availability, we pass your contact details to would-be employers, looking to outsource assessment.